Damanpreet Bhungal & Angelica Gomer

Dance With Our Stars contestants Damanpreet Bhungal & Angelica Gomer, supporting respiratory therapy
Damanpreet Dhillon-Bhungal & Angelica Gomer (raising funds for Respiratory Therapy)

Supporting Respiratory Therapy

"Angelica and I greatly appreciate your support of our efforts on Dance With Our Stars. Before COVID, not very many people knew what respiratory therapy was. During the pandemic we worked day and night on the front lines of the healthcare response. While awareness of respiratory therapy and our reputation has since grown, we need support to advance care for our patients. This experience has shown me that we are part of something bigger than ourselves. Together, we can be the change our hospital and community needs, advancing respiratory care for premature infants with underdeveloped lungs and older adults whose lungs are diseased. Please donate, sponsor and attend the event and together, we can help our community breathe."